Mapping the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere, pin prick drawings on sample paper. 


Excited to say that myself and Katy Cole will be collaborating on works to be included in the VII Biennial Soncino, Marco in Soncino, Italy. The Biennial opens August 31st and runs until 29th September 2013. 

Savoy Grill At One! (Istanbul book return) Pin prick drawing on found book


Since creating a ‘book exchange’ during my residency last year in Istanbul (where a Turkish book bought in Newcastle was returned, worked into with Iznik Tile design, and left in Turkey and an English book bought in Turkey was returned to England) I have been collecting English language books from each foreign country I visit.

There is no real attribute I look for in the books, other than there is some sign of where it has been returned from - a name scrawled in the cover, an old library stamp, an introduction in a different tongue.

Each of the books is then turned into a sculptural object through a reworking of surface and form. I have three books so far, one from Paris (France), one from Vilnius (Lithuania) and one from Istanbul (Turkey). I am hoping over the next few years I can amass enough to represent a library of ‘returned’ books to exhibit as a collection.

Beautiful Losers (Paris book return) Pin Prick drawing on found book

Little listings snippet from the Sheffield Telegraph, woop!

Little listings snippet from the Sheffield Telegraph, woop!

Sheffield Book Prize

 I will also be submitting one of the books currently at The Last Chapter for the Sheffield Book Prize 2013…more info on the prize and exhibition HERE 

New window installation at The Last Chapter bookshop in Sheffield - on until 1st July.

// Subject to Change // The Last Chapter, Sheffield

An intro about my upcoming installation is up on The Last Chapter website HERE .

Meanwhile the works are all ready, pin prick drawings, photographs, prints and books will all be on show and for sale starting next Monday 3rd. 

Walking Benjamin’s Arcades, Paris, May 2013